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     Individual Practice

My practice has evolved through the exploration of the moving image and the absurd. The pathos, humour and menace associated with absurdist art has been used historically as an alternative way of seeing the world and invites the viewer to layer their own experiences, expectations and references. 

I am interested in presenting an experience between reality and imagination that can be ‘recognised and acknowledged’ by the viewer; constructing scenarios where actions are performed that may transform the perception of the ordinary.  Everyday ‘found’ materials are chosen for this process and may relate to site specific work or are architectural in nature, showing the marks that link to their past and the connections they may have had. 

As an artist with a background in painting, a sense of colour and texture is present in the work and is evident in the photographic images that have developed from filming and which bring attention to objects, surfaces and spaces that are not really noticed or appear unimportant. 

Group Practice

6plus2 Art Collective was formed in 2013 by graduates from UCA Farnham who were primarily interested in site responsive work.  The group's first exhibition was realised in 2014 and was installed in the Wellington Hangar, Brooklands Museum in Surrey supported by the RC Sherriff Trust.  As well as contributing work, my role has been as project coordinator.  The group now has an ongoing contribution on the site and will be responding to various events, in particular to the dismantling, restoration and relocation of the historic Wellington Hangar, a project that has now received funding from the Lottery.